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Almost all of the material on this site is written in Swedish for the simple reason that I am Swedish, and I don't feel that English is the proper tool for discussing things like the poetry of Nils Ferlin and the reasons why »att» is being replaced by »och» in the Swedish language. It is also quite natural that writing in a foreign language is more difficult than in the native tongue, and that the result is full of questionable grammatical constructions, spelling errors and other mistakes.

Nowadays I refer to the language we Swedes use when trying to speak or write English as »Swinglish» — I used to call it »Svenglish» (from svenska, the Swedish word for Swedish, and English), but that word has now been generally accepted as the language spoken by some Portuguese-Italian bloke with ancestors from Värmland.

However, some articles on this site will undoubtedly appear in Swinglish, either because I wrote them in Swinglish once upon a time, or because I think the topic is of less interest to Swedes than, say, football fans in certain parts of East Sussex. Or both. Or neither — there might be other reasons as well, like reviewing a book on algorithms and data structures. Or whatever...

When these hypothetical Swinglish articles are written, they will be listed here, all of them — I promise...

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